Author, researcher and historian Adrian Curtis.   Studio photograph ©: Jacques Portal

Author, researcher and historian Adrian Curtis. Studio photograph ©: Jacques Portal



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Adrian travels widely, giving public talks all over the UK. These talks cater for railway enthusiasts of all ages and with differing interests, they also include including talks to colleges, universities, festivals and other events, as well as those for railway enthusiast groups and associations. Below is all the information you need on how to book him for a presentation.  If you are an organiser tasked with getting a speaker organised for your calendar of meetings, then please get in touch, but do remember the author has an increasing diary. Those organisations/association who wish to book the author,  please read the information below and complete the booking form request below.

What are the Western Chronicles?

The Western Chronicles Project is a groundbreaking publishing venture to produce 74 books on the lives of each member of the Western Class 52 fleet. This entails publishing one book for each individual locomotive. The author talks about his love of the class, his research, the latest project and how he hopes his legacy will live forever on a website dedicated to both the books and a FREE resource of material showcasing the work of the fleet on a near-daily basis. The project also includes a host of colour and black and white pictures, many of them historically important, and all culled from the author’s collection or those supplied to the WLRS archive. They all make for a fascinating talk and presentation.

How the talk and presentation works

Typically the visit starts with a presentation on the work of the fleet using details culled from thousands of movements that are included and collated on the free website database. The project is suitable for railway club, associations, conferences, events, heritage weekends, and can be booked for both weekends, evening and individual days.

The Presentation

An opening 50-60 minute presentation introduces the audience to the class and their work over the years from 1973-77.  This is allied to a author’s own copyrighted photographic material. The audience should be seated comfortably in a hall, studio, auditorium or similar venue. Tables are not required. The author will need a projector screen, and somewhere accessible, i.e. a table on which to put his laptop as the event will rely on a computerised Powerpoint presentation.  Generally, a typical evening event will be a first half consisting of one hour, then a short break before the author commences on the second and final part of the talk which again, will last one hour.

The Equipment Required

The author will need a projector screen so please ensure you have one, or a blank wall can be used in its absence. He will provide his power power point projector and stand, along with microphone and amp for speaking. About 10-15 minutes will be required to set-up the presentation equipment and dismantle it at the end of the show.

Choose Your Talk

Currently, associations and groups can you choose the subject of the talk from the author’s catalogue which are listed below. When filling out the form below, please remember to include which subject you would like the speaker to focus on. The current choices are:

A) Westerns on the West of England main line: Join the speaker on a photographic journey from Paddington to Penzance and South Wales illustrated by a variety of photographs from the author’s collection across all livery eras. The talk includes a myriad of interesting anecdotes and facts as well as some wonderful photographs taken during the lives of the fleet.

B) Westerns: Design, Names and Liveries: The speaker takes the audience on a return journey to the very advent of the Western fleet focusing heavily on his own research, the author brings to life how the Westerns were designed and by who, how the liveries finally came about and how their names were finally arrived at. It includes one of the first images of the mythical ‘Black’ Western now in the author’s collection and set to see the light of day in the Western Chronicles book series.

C) 1972: The Real Last Year of the Westerns: With the help of movement records and some wonderful and evocative photographs, the author takes enthusiasts back to 1972 which is now regarded as the final year of the Westerns. It was a time when the WR was in the grip of a motive power shortage and the class were still undergoing overhauls at Swindon Works. More importantly, it was the final year in which all 74 examples were at work on the region. Follow their fortunes with some previously unknown research about various locomotives for a talk and slide show that will has the audience harking back to the good old days of hydraulic power.

The Fee

Please us the contact form below on this website for BOOKING REQUESTS ONLY. Please leave your contact details so that we can contact you regarding a quote which are inclusive of all travel and any accommodation costs. Fees vary depending on the length of time the author is required.

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